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503 errors in debug tools

Knowledge Article Number 000205551
Description If you have tried to debug a site in browser using Developer tools then you might have noticed it trying to load .map files. For each .map file, there will be a corresponding .js file. For example, VFState.js might have file like VFState.js will have declared the corresponding map file that debug tool should "try" to load.

Some users might have 503 errors in debug tools. This might be due to different paths or domains etc and debugging tools might not be able to find the file mentioned in (for example) VFState.js
Resolution The .map files are for js and css files that have been minified. They are called SourceMaps. When you minify a file, like the VFState.js file, it takes thousands of lines of code and turns it into only a few lines by removing comments, white space etc.  These .map files are used to debug minified code as it's hard to look at minified code and figure out how it works.

503 errors on .map file has no adverse affect on the site/page. These will work as expected.


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