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Salesforce for Outlook: Can I Create a Custom Contact Field Mapping for the Outlook Middle Name field?

Knowledge Article Number 000205556
Description In addition to default Contact Field Mappings under the Outlook Configuration, the Salesforce System Administrator can map additional fields that are not listed.  

In this scenario, the System Administrator created a custom text field on the Contact object named 'Middle'.  They would like this custom field mapped to the standard Microsoft Outlook Middle Name field on the Contact records.
Resolution 1) Navigate to Setup | Desktop Administration | Outlook Configurations | (configuration name)
2) Edit the Configuration and select 'Edit Field Mappings' under the Contacts section
3) Under the 'Salesforce Field' column, from the 'Select a Value' drop down menu, select the newly created custom field name (Ex: Middle)
4) Under the 'Outlook Field' column, from the 'Select a Value' drop down menu, select  the 'Custom Field' option
5) Enter the Outlook Field Name in the 'Custom Outlook Field Name' text box (in this example, the value is 'MiddleName')
6) Complete the Save process

*Note, to determine the true name in the Outlook database for the field, assistance from the internal/local IT team may be necessary.

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