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Constantly getting prompted to enter a Mobile Number for the User in-spite of clicking on "No, Thanks"

Knowledge Article Number 000205559
Description Description: Constantly getting prompted to enter a mobile number even after clicking on “No Thanks”
Note: This is applicable to only customized profiles. This is a request to add the mobile number to the user account and not for verification of the IP address.
Resolution Resolution:
  1. There is a field called “Disable Restricted Read Only Mode” which needs to be enabled on the affected customized profile through the regular User Interface by the customer.
  2. This field helps to save the user preference of opting to NOT enter the mobile number in our system.
  3. This is particularly in reference to Testdrive applications.
What is a Test-drive application: A Test-drive application gives Salesforce users a chance to test drive a read-only version of their application in a developer edition organization. This includes any sample data the users want their application to gave.
This test-drive developer edition has only two users
  1. System Administrator  
  2. Read Only Evaluation test user
When logged in as the standard Read Only Evaluation test user, the user will be able to save the user preference of not entering a mobile number in the account. If a user customizes that profile, he will then have to manually check the permission “Disable Restricted Read Only Mode” on the customized profile to be able to save the user preference for not wanting to enter a mobile number. The reason why users will want to skip the mobile number prompt for a test-drive is because it is an application whose users will vary each time. Individual user preferences should not be entered.  

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