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Set Salesforce for Outlook sync preferences

Knowledge Article Number 000205577

What should I do after I install Salesforce For Outlook (SFO)

If this is your first time using SFO (Version 2.5.x and newer) or if you are upgrading from a version 2.4.x or older, you will notice the SFO notification popup in the system tray at bottom right corner of your screen with a small gray icon prompting you to open Microsoft Outlook to get started. Go ahead and open MS Outlook
If you already had SFO 2.5.x or later installed on your computer, most probably the Sync.db (the SFO Database file) file exists on your machine and once you finish the installation of the SFO and open Outlook, the gray round icon will load in the system tray and  will turn red in a few second (once Outlook is fully open)

You would need to right click on this icon and click on Settings... in case you need to make any changes. We do recommend running the wizard and checking the settings to make sure the sync folders and sync method are configured correctly after you upgrade your SFO.

NOTE: If you need help with this configuration or have questions about the sync methods we recommend that you reach out to your Salesforce Admin, they should have set these options for you in your configuration.


1. Right click on the Salesforce for Outlook icon in your system tray. 
2. Click Settings….
3. Enter your Salesforce credentials and click on Login (you can also check the box for Remember me to save your username
4. Next click on Allow.
5. Select the appropriate folder for your ContactsCalendar, and Tasks if you are syncing any or all of them and click on Next
*You have the option of creating a new folder in your Outlook to sync data into using the Change Folder button and clicking on New

6. Select your preferred sync method (See  knowledge article number 0000187292 for more information) and click Next
7. On the Syncing Private items page, check the box to include private records or simply leave it uncheck to exclude them and then click on Save to finish the wizard

After you click Save the sync process will start automatically. The red spinning Salesforce for Outlook icon in the System Tray means the sync is in progress. Once the icon stops spinning the sync is complete. The Side Panel window or the Add Email button will load in your Outlook either after the sync completes


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