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Migrating from Connect for Outlook to Salesforce for Outlook

Knowledge Article Number 000205598
Description Migration from Connect for Outlook (CFO) to Salesforce for Outlook (SFO) can be done easily by using the following sequence of steps:
Resolution 1. Have users synchronize one last time with Connect for Outlook before the migration to ensure their synced data is accurate in Salesforce and in Outlook.
2. Ensure you have setup a Salesforce for Outlook configuration and assigned Users or Profiles to it:  Setup | Desktop Administration | Outlook Configurations.
3. As an administrator on the users local machine from Control Panel | Programs and Features uninstall Connect for Outlook. This can also be done using an .msi installer if Connect for Outlook was installed in this manner previously.
4. Install the latest version of SFO from Setup | Personal Setup | Desktop Integration | Salesforce for Outlook | "Download Version x.x.x"  You can also preconfigure the .msi installer version of SFO that can be downloaded from the same page in the online application. This can be pushed out to your users using your usual software management system. 
5. At first load of Outlook after the install users will be prompted to walk through the "Settings Wizard " for Salesforce for Outlook. After completing the settings wizard Salesforce for Outlook will synchronize automatically to the folders the users selected in the wizard process or the folders you pre-selected for them in the Outlook Configuration in Salesforce they are assigned to.

To create a uniform synchronization experience ensure your users are familiar with the options in the settings wizard and recommend them to use the ones that work best for your organization.  
It is a best practice before manipulating data in Outlook to ensure you have a copy of the data being affected that is either available as a backup of Outlook or in PST form.  PSTs can be directly exported from Outlook running on the users local machine.

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