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Cases created from HTML email with the Email2Case Agent have truncated descriptions

Knowledge Article Number 000205637
Description Cases created from an HTML email with the email2case agent have truncated descriptions.  Cases created from the same email sent to an on-demand email to case service will have the full description.
Resolution Please check if the email messages are created with an empty textBody field.  The workbench query to check this is:

SELECT FromAddress,FromName,Headers,HtmlBody,TextBody FROM EmailMessage where ID='EmailMessage Record ID'

If the text body is blank then it may be that the email server is not providing the text copy of the email message.

Please reference the following Microsoft article for more information about this when using Exchange 2007 and 2010:
Changes in the Best body format POP3 and IMAP retrieval option in Exchange 2007 SP3 Update Rollup 1

You may need to change ImapMessagesRetrievalMimeFormat from BestBodyFormat to HtmlAndTextAlternative and also
change the mailbox setting IMAP4 Properties to "Use Protocol default" in the Exchange Console.


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