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How are API calls consumed by Data Loader?

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An explanation on how API calls are consumed by Data Loader operations.

Resolution The default batch size in Data Loader is 200 or if you select the "Enable Bulk API" setting the default batch size is 2,000.

The number of batches submitted for a data manipulation operation depends on the number of records and batch size selected. The total number of records in your file divided by the batch size selected equals the number of batches. Each batch consumes one API call.

For example, with an API request limit of 15,000 and a batch size of 200 it would be possible to perform operations on (15,000 X 200) or 3,000,000 records per 24 hours.
If using the "Enable Bulk API" option with Data Loader and a batch size of 2,000 it would be possible to perform operations on (15,000 X 2,000) or 30,000,000 records per 24 hours.

API limits are reset on a 24 hour rolling basis and are dependent upon your edition and license counts as outlined in the API Usage Limits documentation.

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