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Why are my Sandbox API Calls Limits more than Production?

Knowledge Article Number 000205681
Description We have noticed through testing in our Sandbox and working with our production our API Call Limit is much higher in our Sandbox than in the Production.

Can some one explain this or at least have our production match our Sandbox?
Resolution In some cases you may see that "API Request Limit Override" default limit count between their Production org  and Sandbox don't match. 

Sandbox limits may show more than Production limits.

Sandbox environments are defaulted to 5,000,000 API calls per 24 hours. Due to Sandbox environment being a test environment, this limit is set at the absolute maximum to avoid interruptions while testing. 

If a customer request to have their Production environment matched to their Sandbox API limits, please contact the Account Executive (AE) for purchase of the additional calls for Production. 

Please note:
The default value of an organization's API calls are based on their licenses.
Regardless of the quantity of API limits in your Sandbox, you will still be restricted to the maximum calls in Production as defined by your organization edition.

Standard Default Values by Editions

Default limit: Group, Professional & Enterprise Editions.
5,000 or 1,000 * license count, whatever value is higher

Default limit: Unlimited, Performance
5,000 * license count

Maximum Permitted Values (If increased)
Personal, Group, Professional & Enterprise Edition
These environments have an absolute maximum of 1,000,000 calls per 24 hours.

Unlimited, Performance Edition
These environments are permitted an absolute maximum of 5,000,000 calls per 24 hours.

Support is authorized to temporarily increase "
API Request Limit Override" limits for a maximum of 2 weeks. Any requests for a duration beyond 2 weeks will need to be arranged through your Account Executive. Recurring increases will not be allowed.

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