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Why am I unable to link a contact to a case when using a Live Agent Prechat form

Knowledge Article Number 000205683
Description Why is my Per-Chat form not creating a contact or a case or attaching to the Live Chat Transcript record? There are a few things to check for example if the profile has read-only permissions on the object they are updating if there are system validation rules in place. On an insert or update operation, the validations rule fire; they are part of the order of execution in Salesforce. Their purpose is to enforce the standards for the user's input in Salesforce.
Resolution 1.To check the user profile, please go to the following: Setup|Manage Users|Profiles 
2. Check that the User has Edit or at least Create to the field/object.

To check validation rule go to: Setup|Customize| Object|Validation rules
Check at least these objects.
(1) Contact
(2) Case

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