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How can I change the Campaign Member Type (Record Type) for a Campaign Member?

Knowledge Article Number 000205699
Description In some cases it may be necessary to change the Record Type for your Campaign Members for your Campaign, but the Campaign Member Type cannot be modified.
Resolution The Campaign Member type is first established when creating a new Opportunity. When you need to then change the Campaign Member type you will need to do this from the Parent Campaign and not the individual Campaign Member records. You must first ensure that you have the Campaign Member Type field visible on the Campaign. You can do this by Editing the Page Layout that the record type is assigned to. 

To edit the Page Layout you would use the following click path:

Setup >> Customize >> Campaign  >> Page Layouts >> Edit (To the left of the Page Layout you wish to edit)

From here you would drag and drop the Campaign Member Type field into the Campaign Detail section of the layout. Now click Save.

Now for those records using that page layout you will have the ability the change the Campaign Member Type for all members for that Campaign. You do not have the ability to change the Campaign Member Type for an individual member, you can only make the modification to ALL members of the Campaign.

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