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User w/ correct perms gets "Insufficient Privileges" error on Dashboard tab in Service Cloud Console

Knowledge Article Number 000205835
Description Some Users are getting an "Insufficient Privileges" error in the Service Cloud Console when trying to access the Dashboard navigation tab. They are able to access the Dashboard tab and Dashboards outside of the SCC. They have all of the Profile Permissions to view Dashboards. 
Resolution This happens with the SCC Dashboard landing page references a deleted Dashboard folder. You can remedy this by implementing the following:

It is necessary to clean the User preference which has the wrong id for avoiding this behavior.
This issue will be resolved by the following steps.
1. Add the following VF page (Setup|Develop|Pages)
Name : DashboardFilters
<apex:page >
<apex:listViews type="Dashboard"/>
2. Create a VF Tab for the Page and make the tab visible to the Affected User's Profile
3. Edit the affected User's Profile to add access to the new Visualforce Page
4. Login as the affected user
5. Access the above VF tab once
6. Once you do the above and confirm that the affected User can now access the Dashboard tab in the SCC, you can then delete the VF tab and the VF Page

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