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Why does the Knowledge Tab open as Primary Tab, and the Case can then be accessed only as a subtab?

Knowledge Article Number 000205846
Description When creating a Case the Knowledge tab opens as primary tab, and the Case can then be accessed only as a subtab of the Knowledge tab.
Even when clicking in the “Back to case ” link the case will remain as a subtab.
Resolution This is working as designed:
  • If "Enable Suggested Articles" is enabled and there are knowledge articles that match with the subject of case, the case page redirects to Knowledge Search page when saving a new case.
  • So, Knowledge Search page is shown in the primary tab.
  • The page is considered as a main record and when clicking "Back to case xxxxxxxxx" link, the case is opened as sub tab (in this case, a case is considered as a sub record).
  • The Details tab is not a sub tab. It is a part of a primary tab. Therefore, to close the Details tab, it is necessary to close the primary tab itself.
To Disable this:
  • Go to Setup | Customize | Cases | Support Settings
  • Click Edit
  • Either select "Enable suggested solutions" or select "Don not enable suggested solutions or articles"
  • Save the changed
  • The Knowledge Tab will no longer open as a Primary Tab

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