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INACTIVE_OWNER_OR_USER error when forwarding records via Salesforce to Salesforce (S2S)

Knowledge Article Number 000205862
Description Forwarding a record via a Salesforce to Salesforce (S2S) connection may result in an error reading, "Error inserting Account record(s). Cannot insert Account (Account Name : Acme). Message: operation performed with inactive user . StatusCode = INACTIVE_OWNER_OR_USER."

Users may also receive an email:

Subject: "Action Required. Error inserting/​modifying {Organization Name Here} records"

Body: "An error in {Organization Name Here} while inserting records shared by AW Computing.

 The details are as follows:

     Error inserting Account record(s).  Cannot insert Account (Account Name : Acme). Message:  operation performed with inactive user . StatusCode = INACTIVE_OWNER_OR_USER

     Number of records that failed with this error : 1

For more information on how "Salesforce to Salesforce" impacts existing validation rules and apex triggers please refer to the blog:"

The email is sent to the email addresses on the user records that are set as the S2S connection owners in the connected orgs.  See 
The Salesforce to Salesforce Error Email article for additional details.
Resolution This error may be caused by the subscribing org's user specified as the Salesforce to Salesforce Connection Owner being marked as inactive and if the subscribed objects are configured to auto-accept records.  When auto-accepted, Salesforce attempts to set record ownership to the S2S connection owner.

To resolve this, the subscribing org (mentioned as the {Organization Name Here} in the email example above) will need to ensure that they select an active user for the Connection's Connection Owner.  Set a new connection owner by navigating to the Connections Tab and selecting the desired Connection Name and click the Edit button. See Managing Connections.

Inactive Connection Owner

Alternatively, deselect the auto-accept preference for subscribed objects to manually assign records by selecting the Subscribe/Unsubscribe button in the Subscribed Objects related list of the Connection home page. See Subscribing to Objects in Salesforce to Salesforce.

Auto-Accept option for subscribed objects

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