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Analytics Cloud - FAQ - Configuration / Integration and Security

Knowledge Article Number 000205874
Description This article provides solutions to the top 10 frequently asked questions regarding Configuration / Integration and Security within the Analytics Cloud. 
Resolution (1) How do I enable Analytics Cloud once purchased?
---> Go to Setup | Analytics Cloud | Settings | Click "Enable Analytics"

(2) Why do I receive insufficient privileges when I try to access the Analytics App?
---> This is because your user does not have one of two things. You will need at least a permission set license of "Analytics Cloud Explorer". Secondly, your user will need the profile permission called "Use Analytics Cloud". this permission can only be assigned via a permission set.

(3) How do I access the Dataflow Builder?
---> Currently, you will have to custom code the JSON for your dataflow

(4) How to create Schema for CSV Upload?
---> Currently, you will have to custom code your CSV Schema

(5) Does running a dataflow replace, update or insert?
---> Dataflows can only Insert or replace datasets based on whether you are using the dataset name within your object

(6) How often can you sync your dataflow?
---> By default, the dataflow schedule is set to sync every 24 hours. Alternatively, you can sync this manually up to 24 times per day.

(7) Does uploading a csv replace, update or insert? 
---> The CSV uploader with only insert a new dataset

(8) How is security handled?
---> There are several forms of Security: Row Based, Apps, User Profile Permissions

(9) Is there Field Level Based Security in the Analytics Cloud?
---> Not at this time

(10) How do I schedule my Dataflow?
---> To schedule your dataflow, go to the Dataflow Monitoring Page and click the drop down menu in the top right, then choose "Schedule" and set the appropriate GMT based time for your dataflow schedule

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