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How to resize images embedded in Articles?

Knowledge Article Number 000205877
Description I have started to upload information to the Knowledge Base, the default resolution for screenshots / images is one size fits all - with no ability to control sizing. This is causing some difficulty in displaying best practices and FAQ's for my customers, as the workable area is too small to read comfortably. I would like to know what are my options to make this function works.
Resolution 1. Login to salesforce using either Firefox or IE.
2. Go to Article Management.
3. Click Edit on the Article you would like to add/resize an image.
4. You may opt to keep the article published during editing or move it to drafts then click OK.
5. Click on the Rich Text Area Field where the image will be added
6. Click on the Image icon (User-added image or User-added image)
7. Either choose file from your PC or use URL
8. Insert
9. Click on the image
10. Notice the small squares at the edge of the image, drag it in or out to adjust the size

For users who would rather use Chrome, kindly direct them to IdeaExchange Fix Google Chrome image-resizing functionality for rich text fields  since this is a browser limitation.


Name Type Size
Resize Image Using FF.jpg
Resize Image Using IE.jpg

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