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Analytics Cloud - FAQ - General Usage

Knowledge Article Number 000205880
Description This article provides solutions to the top 10 frequently asked questions regarding general usage within the Analytics Cloud.
Resolution (1) How do I get it enabled? 
--->Please speak with your AE to purchase this product.
(2) Is it included with a Developer edition org? 
--->Not at this time.
(3) How can a partner get this enabled? 
--->Please speak to your SAM to request to attend the 3 day on-site training for Analytics Cloud. From there, you will be given a demo org. 
(4) How often are new features released? 
--->The Analytics Cloud release schedule is in sync with the overall release schedule, generally 3 times per year.  
(5) Supported browsers and versions?
--->We support last version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari on Mac, IE 10 and IE11. We recommend the use of Chrome for the best performance.
(6) Where does the data reside for Analytics Cloud?
--->We house data in superpods that use the same cloud infrastructure and security as Salesforce.
(7) Can we support multi-currency? 
--->Not at this time.
(8) Can we use non US date formats? 
--->Not at this time.
(9) Do we support multiple languages? 
(10) Can you upload custom icons to an app? 
--->Not at this time, however, you can choose from a pre-existing list.
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