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Analytics Cloud - FAQ - Dashboards

Knowledge Article Number 000205881
Description This article provides solutions to the top 10 frequently asked questions regarding dashboards within the Analytics Cloud.

(1) Is it possible to construct a single widget from multiple data sets?
--->Not at this time
(2) How do you create a new dashboard?
--->To create a new dashboard, you must go into a lens and click the button that appears
(3) Can we change chart colors?
--->Not in the UI, however, you can modify the JSON file to accomplish this
(4) Can you delete a “Snapshot” within a dashboard?
--->Not in the UI, however, you can modify the JSON file to accomplish this
(5) Can you replace a widget's snapshot?
--->No, you must delete the widget
(6) Can I find the name of the dataset associated to a widget?
--->Not at this time via the UI, you would have to review the JSON
(7) How do I change the Z-index (send a widget to front or to back)?
--->To change the Z-Index, you can use the following within the UI, "[" or "]"
(8) How do you change the chart type once the lens is in the widget?
--->To do this, click on the widget you wish to change. On the Widget Properties Bar, click the image of the chart you are currently using, right underneath "Charttype". From here, you can choose all available chart types.
(9) How can I post a picture of the current dashboard?
--->At this time, you must take a screenshot using your computers native functionality, such as "PrintScrn". Alternatively, you may share the link to the dashboard via the comment box in the top right and using the "Post to Feed" option. If you would like to take a screenshot on a dashboard or lens and annotate it, you may use the mobile app to do so, however, certain layout changes may occur as well as a possible loss of functionality.
(10) Why doesn't my dashboard change the results when I click on a value from a widget?
--->There are a few possibilities here. The most likely option is that you are using separate datasets that have not been facetted via the JSON. The second possibility is that the "Faceted" checkbox within the Step Properties has been disabled.
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