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Description How do I view the status of performance summaries?
Resolution The quickest way to view the status of a performance summary is to check on the Deployment Page:

1. Go to the Performance tab then select the Deployment sub-section

2. Select People from the Action menu for a specific cycle

3. Enter the name of the subject and select them from the auto-complete list to see the status of summaries about them You can also create a report to quickly check on summaries about multiple people:

Pre-requisite: You admin would have needed to install the Reporting package mentioned in the Admin Guide.

1. Go to the Reports tab and click on the New Report button

2. In the Quick Find search-box type: Performance Summary Cycles with Requests

3. Select the Performance Summary cycles with Requests report type and click the Create button

4. In the list of available Fields find the Summary Request State field and drag it into the preview table on the right

5. Include any other fields of interest

6. Group the Summary Subject column.  Click the small drop-down arrow over the column name and select Group by this Field

7. Add a filter for Performance Cycle Name to include the cycle of interest

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