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Changing Record Type using Workflow Rules

Knowledge Article Number 000205890
Description Users sometimes want to have their page layout to change depending on the value put on certain fields. This article will help you change your page layout using workflow rules when a specific Field value is changed.
Resolution Create a workflow rule
  1. The Evaluation criteria must be based on the field - Example If status = Closed
  2. Choose the Workflow Action for Field Update
  3. Choose Record Type as the field you want to update
  4. Choose the Record Type that the record must be changed to 

Note: You should have customized the page layout as needed for the record type - Like hiding certain fields or making certain fields ready only depending on business requirement

Once the workflow triggers, it will change the record type there by changing the page layout of the record.

Some of the use cases are:
  1. Make fields available or hidden.
  2. Make fields read-only or required on the field level.
  3. Completely change the whole page layout
Creating workflow Rule
Creating Record Types
Editing Page Layout

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