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Known Limitations for Push Upgrade

Knowledge Article Number 000205901
Description The following are known limitations when pushing an upgrade.
  • Settings for tab visibility are not carried over by permission sets. Hence, if your upgrade requires changes to tab settings, you can’t implement the changes automatically using a post install script. Instead, you’ll need to notify administrators to make the change manually.
  • Push upgrade fails if the package contains Visualforce markup that attempts to access the OpenActivity entity. For example, the following code in the package will cause the push upgrade to fail.
<apex:outputLabel for="taskDate"
value="{!$ObjectType.OpenActivity.fields.ActivityDate.label}" />
As a workaround, avoid using the global ObjectType reference to obtain the label for OpenActivity.ActivityDate
by specifying the label as follows:
<apex:outputLabel for="taskDate" value="Date" />

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