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Understanding License Management in LMA

Knowledge Article Number 000205902
Description The License Management App (LMA) helps developers and publishers apply licensing to their uploaded and registered AppExchange apps. ​The license management process begins when someone installs an app from AppExchange. Salesforce automatically performs the following actions.
• Creates a license in the installer's organization. A copy of that license is stored in the Licenses tab of the LMA installed in your LMO.
• Updates the package version with the license information.
• Creates a lead with the installer's name, company, and email address. The lead source for installers is always Package Installation.
Resolution Use the LMA to manage licenses for managed packages. By modifying the license records, you can control how many users in the customer organization can access your package, and for how long.

Entity Relationship Diagram :
The LMA has three custom objects that directly and indirectly relate to standard Salesforce objects. See the entity relationship diagram
below to understand how the custom objects relate to other objects.

User-added image

• The package object is the root object for all information in the LMA.
• Each package can have multiple package versions. Package version has a master-detail relationship with the package object.
• Each package version can have multiple licenses. License has a lookup relationship with the package version object.
• Each license has a direct relationship with a single lead. License has a lookup relationship with the lead object.
• The lead can be manually converted into an account and contact. When that happens, the license record is automatically associated with the converted account and contact records. License has a lookup relationship with the account and contact objects.

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