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Do I have to pay for this limit increase or feature activation?

Knowledge Article Number 000205908
Description I understand that some features must be provisioned by my Account Executive and those typically require a cost.  However is there cost associated with those that Support can turn on?
Resolution Depending on the request, some features are paid and others are included with your Salesforce edition. Here's how to tell.
  1. You can find information about cost by searching Help & Training to find the article associated with the feature or limit you'd like to change. Check the beginning of the article for details on if it's paid or whether it's available for your Edition. For example, you can find what edition you need for Person Accounts or see who to contact to pay for Salesforce Knowledge.
  2. If you don't find the information you need in the article, contact your Account Executive to discuss pricing of features and limit increases. Some features are provisioned by the Account Team and may or may not have an associated cost.
  3. If the feature or limit requires a request to Salesforce Technical Support, please feel free to double check with your Account Executive about cost when you log your case. Most requests that are handled by Salesforce support are available at no additional cost.  Also Salesforce Technical Support will not be aware of the cost or part of the contract process when purchasing additional services for your Salesforce Org.

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