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Email to Case: When using the 'Reply to All' or 'Reply' option, some Email Addresses are Stripped from the To and CC Fields

Knowledge Article Number 000205915
Description BEHAVIOR:

From the Emails Related List on a Case record, the Salesforce User has two options to respond to the email.

1) Reply to All
2) Reply

The inbound Email Message record may contain multiple email addresses in the To and CC fields.  If 'Reply to All' or 'Reply' is selected, the user may notice that not all the email addresses are populated in the new email author page.

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The aforementioned behavior above is working by design.  The new email author page will remove the following types of email addresses when performing a 'Reply to All' or 'Reply' from the Emails Related List:

- Email to Case Routing Addresses
- Organization Wide Addresses
- The email address of the logged in Salesforce User replying to the email

This functionality was implemented to reduce redundancy on the Case record.

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