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How can I Delete all my Content and libraries and start over?

Knowledge Article Number 000205918
Description Due to our company name change, we'd basically like to almost start over with Content. 
Do you know if there is a way to do a mass delete of the content (and structure) of the libraries in Salesforce? We will need to start from scratch. 
Resolution It is possible to delete content en mass using the Data Loader tool, but to delete Libraries at this time is not possible en mass as it is Metadata and would have to be manually deleted after Content has been deleted first.

The process to delete all content:
While logged into Data loader, select export. Enable checkbox "show all salesforce objects". select Content(ContentDocument) object, complete steps for exporting.  See Exporting Data

While logged into Data Loader, the next step would be to Delete the content data.
Using the previously exported content .csv, select Content(ContentDocument) object and follow  the steps  on Deleting in Inserting, Updating, or Deleting Data Using Data Loader  in order to delete your content. 

The next step would be to either Manually delete the libraries or reuse them depending if their title is still relevant to your organization.

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