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Related List not showing in Community

Knowledge Article Number 000205933

Within Salesforce Org, related list are displayed on the object's record detail page

  • If there is a record on the related list this will show up in community
  • If there is NO record on the related list, it will not show up on the Community's page. There would be no message showing "No record to be shown"



This is working as designed.

  • If there are records to show it will display in the related list
  • If there are actions the user can take (create a new record, for example) it will display

This is similar to scenario when any given user doesn't have access to the Fields in a related list, the related list won't display empty, but it would be removed from the layout completely.

Users would need to have the "Create" permission added on the their user's profile in order for the related list to "stay" on the page, regardless if the object has a related list record associated to it or not

This is applicable only to community. For portal please see

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