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Chatter for SharePoint issue - Incompatibility with Safari 7.1 or later

Knowledge Article Number 000205935
Description Issue:

The Microsoft Ajax libraries used by C4SP are not correctly supported by Safari 7.1 (or later). C4SP webparts will enter an endless loop in this scenario and will cause the web page to hang.

Note: This issue is not caused by C4SP but an incompatibility between MS Ajax libraries and Safari 7.1 (or later). So this article is written to provide a workaround on this incompatibility.
Resolution Please follow these steps to fix the issue:

1. Copy the custom C4SP browser file ”c4sp.safari.600.browser” (in attached) to the “App_Browsers” folder on each web applications (on each web front end) where the C4SP solution is deployed.

 Open IIS ( key + R + “inetmgr”)

eg.: 2 different IIS Web sites (Web application in SharePoint terminology) where C4SP solution is deployed.




Select for each web sites the “App_Browsers” folder then do a right click:



Click on “Explore

There it is , this is the destination folder where you need to paste the “c4sp.safari.600.browser” file you previously copied.


2. Do an IIS reset:


After selecting the root node in IIS, click on restart as illustrated below.



3. Changes not taken into account.


Regardless of the IIS reset previously made, you may have to open, the following file that you will find inside the folder where you copied the c4sp.safari.600.browser file:




Open the file and do a “neutral change”, adding then removing a space by example , something that eventually will just update the datetime of the file itself and NOT its content. Save it.




4. Browser information custom C4SP page


To help diagnose the potential browser issues, a custom page delivered by us (in attached) could be copied on the web application(s) where the solution is deployed into the following folder::

[SP2010 HIVE]\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\SFChatterWP\BrowserInfo.aspx


[SP2010 HIVE] default location:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\


You then should see depending on the browser used, the following information:



The key information that needs to be checked is the Browser SupportsCallback’s value: it should be True, if not the C4SP solution will not work as expected.


If the given “c4sp.safari.600.browser” file has been taken into account; you then will see as well, the Browser ID property being equals to “c4spSafari600” (browser id specified in the file)


“c4sp.safari.600.browser” file’s extract:


   <browser id="c4spSafari600" parentID="safari60">

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