Print this page Second Manager reviewing a subject of a performance summary

Knowledge Article Number 000205959
Description Use case: The employee's manager has changed during a performance summary cycle. The old manager has provided review, but the customer needs the new manager to provide a review as well.
Resolution Currently, there is no way to add a second manager to a performance summary. However, there are a couple workarounds that the customer can consider:
  • After the first manager has finished writing their summary, the summary can be re-assigned to the new manager and the new manager can enter their information below the first manager's comments
1. Navigate to Performance Cycles tab

2. Select a performance cycle

3. Scroll down to the Feedback Request section and select the manager summary you would like to reassign

Note: If you don't see the request click on the Go to list link located at the bottom of the section

4. Click the Reassign button and select the new manager

5. Click the Save button
  •  The second manager can be added as a peer reviewer

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