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Creating a self-lookup with same parent & children relationship names

Knowledge Article Number 000205980
Description When you create a self-lookup on an object and reference a child relationship with the same name, this creates a problem when you generate a WSDL. 

On Account, create a self-lookup field with the below details and generate the WSDL.
Field Name: Account_Lookup 
Child Relationship Name: Account_Lookup 

The parent relationship will be missing from the WSDL. 
Resolution To resolve this issue, at minimum, change the name of the child relationship to be a plural of the parent name. 

The best practice would be to give the field a more meaningful name. For example, if you are creating a lookup field on the Account object to another Account, that field could be called "Parent Account" and the child relationship could be "Child Accounts" or "Affiliated Accounts." 

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