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Salesforce for outlook side panel does not show the opportunity for the contact in side panel.

Knowledge Article Number 000205982
Description After selecting an email in the outlook, salesforce for outlook side panel is not showing the open opportunity for the contact displayed in side panel.
Resolution To address this issue make sure that you have a Contact Role selected for all the contacts associated to opportunities in Salesforce.

Solution 1: Select a Default Contact Role for all the opportunities

1- Navigate to the Opportunity Contact Roles Picklist Values section

  Non-Enhanced Setup Menu:
Your Name | Setup | Customize | Opportunities | Contact Roles.

  Enhanced Setup Menu:
Setup | Customize | Opportunities | Contact Roles.
2- Select the Contact Role you like to set as Default and click on Edit next to the name 

3- Check the box for "Make this value the default for the master picklist"
4- Click on Save

Solution 2: Assign a Contact Role to Contact(s) associated to the opportunity from the opportunity detail page layout

1- Open the Opportunity in the Salesforce.
2- Click on the Contact Role related list.
3- If there are no contacts in the Contact Roles Related items section, simply click on New and from the "Contact Roles for <Name of the opportunity> roles" page, select a contact by using the Search browse button and then select a Contact Role from the Role column drop down boxes and click on Save. If contact(s) exist, simply click on the Edit button next to contact(s) associated to the opportunity and select a Role for that(those) contact(s)

Now select the email again in Microsoft Outlook and you will see the opportunity and more detail information showing for that contact in the Side Panel

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