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Why are there more chats showing for a Live Agent rep than the Rep's capacity?

Knowledge Article Number 000206003
Description If a user is viewing the Live Agent Supervisor tab, they may see an agent has 4 chats when their capacity is only 2, for example.
Resolution This is most likely due to internal transfers - if an internal transfer of a chat is sent over to a rep, they can show as currently being assigned 4 chats within the Supervisor View, when they are still only correctly assigned 2 chats at a time in the settings. This is working as designed.

This can also happen when you have not added the user or their profile to any of your Live Agent Configurations

Users that aren’t associated with a configuration get the default configuration:
  • All chatlets enabled (Live Agent console only)
  • Unlimited chat capacity
  • Sneak peek disabled
  • Request sound and disconnect sounds disabled
  • Auto greeting disabled
  • Chat transfer disabled


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