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How to exempt a user or profile in a Workflow Rule by using a Custom Setting

Knowledge Article Number 000206007
Description You can reference a Custom Settings in a Workflow Rule through its formula. This will act as a filter so that the Workflow Rule will run for specific users or profiles and not for all users or profiles. 
Resolution A. Create the Custom Setting.

1. Navigate to Setup > App Setup > Develop > Custom Settings.
2. Click New.
3. Define your custom settings. Field Label = something like "Run Workflow Rule", Setting Type = Hierarchy.
4. In custom fields, click New. Select field type Checkbox. Label and set default value to Checked. Save.

B. Manage the Custom Setting.

1. In the same custom setting above, click Manage.
2. In Default Organization Level Value, set the field above to Unchecked. Save.
3. In the related list, click New.  
4. Select the Profile or User that you want to be affected by the workflow rule.
5. Tick the checkbox that you created. Save.

C. Now in your Workflow Rule, make sure to specify the Custom Setting that you created. Something like this:

AND($Setup.TestCustomSetting__c.Run_Workflow_Rule__c,  ISPICKVAL(StageName,"Closed Lost")) 

Opportunities with "Closed Lost" Stage will fire the specified Action ONLY for the User or Profile that the custom setting checkbox is enabled for. For other users it will not fire

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