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Enable File Connect: SharePoint Office 365 as an External Data Source

Knowledge Article Number 000206022
Description Files Connect is a generally available feature available to the customers after Winter 15. Winter 15 release notes has a detailed explanation of how to enable File Connect and use SharePoint Office 365 as an external data source type. However, this information is spread across multiple documents and is hard to understand. 

The Files Connect Setup Process is documented at The Files Connect Setup Process​

Resolution Below are consolidated steps to achieve this. 

I. Enable Files Connect 
1. Setup>Customize>Salesforce files>Settings>Files Connect 
2. Tick mark Enable Files Connect 
3. Chose the File Sharing Type (Copy or Reference based on your requirement)

II. Once the above is done, Give Permission Set to user to use Files Connect Cloud
1. Go to Setup>Administer>Manager Users>Permission Sets 
2. Create New and give the Name/Label
3. Inside the permission set, got to System Permissions under System
4. Click Edit and check the box which says: Files Connect Cloud. 

III. Assign the permission set to the desired user
1. Go to Administer>Manage Users>Users
2. Click on the Users
3. Go to Permission Set Assignments 
4. Click Edit Assignments
5. Select the newly created Permission Set and Add it to Enabled Permission Sets and Save. 

IV. Check if you have the option under External Data Sources
1. Setup>Build>External Data Sources>New External Data Source 
2. Select Type as Files Connect: SharePoint Office 365

Note: To get the Files Connect On-premises option, customers have to buy it separately and they can contact their AE for this.  

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