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Why the checkbox "Document Content Searchable" is not checked for the Zip files in the documents?

Knowledge Article Number 000206041
Description I just uploaded the zip file to the Documents tab but the checkbox "Document Content Searchable" is not checked by default and does not let me edit it either
Resolution This is working as designed, please refer to below documentation

specifically Field name: IsBodySearchable
Defaulted on create, Filter, Group, Sort

Indicates whether the contents of the object can be searched using a SOSL FIND call. The ALL FIELDS search group includes the content as a searchable field.

You cannot update this field once the document has been loaded. Also while creating since this is a zip while and the contents in the zip file are not readable and hence by default it is not checked. Make sure that you are attaching a file in one of the readable formats such as Word,PDF etc

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