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Link exported images to records they're associated with

Knowledge Article Number 000206061
Resolution This can be done with the help of 3 exported files named, "ContentReference.csv", "RichTextAreaFieldData.csv"and Objectname_c.csv. These are the files you get from your Weekly Data Export. Objectname_c.csv refers to any custom object. 
 1. Open the "Other Collateral file."
 2. Copy the image name, which is the 18 digit ID, of one of the images in the folder.

 3. Open the file ContentReference.csv in the list of exported files.
 4. Search for the image name by pasting the 18 digit ID in the search tool.

 5. Copy the value in the "ID" column.
 6. Open the file RichTextAreaFieldData.csv.
 7. Search for the copied ID.
 8. Copy the value in the "Parent Id" column
corresponding to "ID" value.
 9. Open the file Objectname_c.csv.
10. Search for the Parent ID to find the record that image is associated with.

Here's a specific example on how to find a specific image from Article Rich Text Field using a specific image URL.  Suppose end user adds an image to Article Rich Text Field. When right mouse clicking on image, the image URL is the following: 

Take 0EM0000000059zq and search for this 15 digit record ID in data export file ContentReference.csv. The ID in ContentReference.csv is 18 digit so be aware when searching. Take a look at ContentContentId value. In Data Export zip, look for folder “Other Uploaded Collateral”. Find the matching ContentContentId file for the actual image.

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