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Aura Integration Service Error on Kokua self-service template

Knowledge Article Number 000206070
When I log in as a Community User and access a Kokua based self-service community, I see the following error where the Data Categories should be displayed

Aura Integration Service Error

[{"message":"An internal server error has occurred
Error IDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx}]

This can happen if the user you are logging in as doesn't have explicit access to the Top Level Category configured on the page properties of your community page.

For example, assume you have the following Data Categories


If the Top Level Category of your community is All but the user only has access to America, the error will occur. You need to make sure that whatever Top Level Category is assigned to your Community page, the Community User has explicit access to it.

There 2 ways of doing this:

1- Edit the Community User profile and set the Data Category Visibility to All. Since All is the Top Level Category of your Community page, the user will be able to see the categories
2- Edit your Community page and change the Top Level Category to America, so that it matches the visibility of the user's profile. To do this, follow these steps:

a. Go to Setup | Communities | All Communities
b- Click on Community Designer next to the Community in question
c- Once there click the drop down menu at the top and click Go to Studio
d- Double click the "main" page
e- On the right, you will see a section called Required Properties
f- Under Top Level Category type in the name of the Data Category that the user has explicit access to, in this case America. 

Either of these solutions will grant the user access to the Data Categories in the Community. 

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