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Email-2-Case Agent stopped working all of a sudden

Knowledge Article Number 000206084
Email-2-Case Agent (E2C Agent) stopped working all of a sudden, with one of the following error messages:
- Exception in thread "main" java.lang.unsupportedClassVersionError: com/sforce/salesforceAgent <unsupported major.minor version 49.0>
- Unable to connect to sfdc

- ERROR com.sforce.mail.GenericClient  - Failed to connect to SFDC to send request to 


This mostly affects users who have one or all of the following:
1- Are running the old Agent 6.0
You can check this by opening the Sfdcconfig.txt file and 7.0 or 9.0 version at the end of the

2- Have set the LoginRefres value in Sfdcconfig.txt file to a value that is too low, a number anywhere between 1-30, we recommend 30
By default, this value is in the Sfdcconfig.txt file must be 30

 <loginRefresh>30</loginRefresh> - frequency to refresh Salesforce session – We don’t recommend making changes

3- Have set the timeout value in Sfdcconfig.txt file to a value that is too low
By default, this value is in the Sfdcconfig.txt file must be 600
<timeout>600</timeout>  - timeout for the SOAP binding (min) – We don’t recommend making changes

4- Using below endpoint url in the Sfdcconfig.txt:

Replacing the endpoint to following might be helpful: Change the www to login
5- Download the JDK 6 or the latest from the link below and have them verify the System Variable Path to make sure it points to the new Java folder
* In some cases where the user's Internet connectivity is slow or they are running the agent on a VMWare machine if the timeout value is set too low .. such as 1 or 5 … the login attempts by the E2C Agent may not even be logged under org's Login History page

** Also make sure you follow the steps on this knowledge article HTTPS Security Certificate Change from SHA-1 to SHA-256 hash algorithms

*** The latest Email 2 Case Agent that is available is attached to this article. Simply rename your existing folder, then download and extract it in the same location. Copy the following 3 files into the new folder. Edit your SfdcConfig.txt file and replace the URL with URL mentioned in step 4 above and start the agent again.
- SfdcConfig.txt
- Email2Case.txt
- SalesforceAgent.log

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