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Tab names and the application tab do not rerender when I switch between different apps

Knowledge Article Number 000206095
Description Summary:
Unexpected behavior will result while switching between two application tabs when a custom Visualforce page is used to override a tab in the one of the applications and that Visualforce tab is configured as the default landing tab for the same application. 

This is the result of including a hard-coded link in the action attribute of an <apex:page> which is not supported.

Steps to Reproduce:
1.)  Setup | Create | Apps
2.)  In step #3 of New Custom App wizard, be sure to include one other tab besides the Home tab and make the newly included tab the Default Landing Tab in the picklist.
3.)  In step #4 of New Custom App wizard make tab visible to all profiles
4.)  Click on the new app just created in Setup | Create | App then, click on the  Default Landing Tab link and note the Object associated to the Default Landing Tab.
5.)  Click on the Application Tab in the top right hand corner of UI and select the new app that was created.
6.)  Click on Go! button to see the URL with the listview ID in the address bar.
7.)  Setup | Develop | Pages to create a new apex page that includes tabStyle attribute for the object noted in step #4 and the last part of the URL in step #6 in the action attribute of the <apex:page> tag:  
<apex:page tabStyle="Position__c" action="/a06?fcf=00BJ00000016AJm&rolodexIndex=-1&page=1"> 

8.)  Setup | Create | Objects and click on the custom object noted in step #4.
9.)  In the Buttons, Links, and Actions section edit the action with label <object name> Tab.
10.)  Override with the Visualforce page created in step #7.
11.)  Select any other application in the Application Tab in the top right-hand corner of the UI.
12.)  Then again in the Application Tab in the top right-hand corner of the UI, select the new app that was created in these steps to reproduce.
13.)  Note the desired list view is displayed for the newly created application however, the tab names are not correct in the header and the new application name is not displayed  in the Application Tab in the top right-hand corner of the UI.


In step #7, use <apex:ehancedList> tab:

<apex:page tabStyle="Position__c"> 
<apex:enhancedList height="200" listId="00BJ00000016AJm"/> 

Note:  This will not display a picklist for the listview, however.

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