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Power-of-Us Hub

Knowledge Article Number 000206108
Description Where can (Nonprofit) customers go to get help using the Salesforce platform?
Power-of-Us Hub

What is the Power-of-Us Hub?

This is a one-stop nonprofit resource center for training, tutorials, and documentation to help show what is possible using the Salesforce platform. This is a chatter based community of Support where you can:

- Get answers to questions
- Build your Salesforce skills
- Share your Expertise
- Connect with peers

Who can access (log into) the Hub?

- Any customer who has an active login to a Account. The HUB uses SSO
- Any prospect who has started a trial version of Salesforce via the website and has a login
- A select group of Partners and MVP's whose ORG's have been given specific access to the HUB. Consulting partners who wish to access Power of US HUB must be approved
- Employees

How do I log in and get started?

- Simple, click here, or you can go to: There log in using your Salesforce user name and password
-If this is your first time logging in click here.

Can't log into the Power of Us Hub?

-If you are a Nonprofit Organization and a Customer and are having issues logging into the Hub please try the following steps:

1.) Try the links below and see if they resolve your issue:

2.) If the links above does not help you please send an email to the following address stating your issue and that you followed the steps above:

Consultant/Partner Access to the Hub

The Power of Us Hub is an online community currently limited to active customers and a select group of Partners and MVP's. Consulting partners who wish to access the Power of Us Hub must be approved by the Alliances Team.

For information on becoming a Partner, please visit   (contact information is included on the link to the page).


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