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New Product will not link to an Ad Account in Advertising Studio Campaigns

Knowledge Article Number 000206113
You're unable to select the desired Ad Account from the drop down list when creating a new Product.

This will happen if the currency of the Ad Account doesn't match the currency of the Product. If they don't match, you'll not be able to associate your Ad Account to your new Product. Once a Client has been created you can not edit the currency, therefore, the Client will either need to be deleted and recreated with the correct currency or you'll need to create a whole new Client with the correct currency selected. Learn how to delete an existing account and create a new one below. 

Delete the existing Client Account

1. Select the Client tab.
2. Click on Client that needs to be deleted.
3. Click the Edit button in the upper left hand corner.
4. Top right hand corner, click the red Delete button.
5. A new page will appear asking if you want to delete this Client; click Delete.


Create a New Client

1. Select on the Client tab.
2. In the upper right hand corner click the green Add Client button.
3. Create the Name.
4. Select the currency from the drop down menu.
5. Once completed, click Save.

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