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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of questions commonly asked by performance summary cycle managers. 

You can also find additional information available about performance summaries:


Plan and Deploy

Is there a recommended timeline or flow to follow when rolling out performance summary cycles?

The best practice is to set the due dates for the self and peer summaries before the manager summary so the manager can refer to peer/self summaries in their own summary. For example:

  • 11.01.14: Deploy cycle

  • 11.15.14: Self and peer summaries are due

  • 12.01.14: Manager summaries are due

  • 12.01.14 - 12.15.14: HR reviews summaries

  • 12.15.14: Summaries are shared


If you have different business units, is it recommended to have different cycles for each?

Yes, you may want to have different performance cycles for your different business units. For example, the questions you may want to include for your sales team could be very different from the marketing, service, or finance teams.


Who can add peers to a summary?

If you include a peer summary question set as part of your cycle, the subject and the manager can add peer reviewers. Be advised that peer reviewers need to be added before the subject or manager submits his/her review.


Complete a Summary

What information can users cite or “add a reference to” with View Recent Work when completing a summary?

Users can pull in information from current summaries, past summaries, feedback, coaching, goals, and recognition. It is not possible to cite peer reviews from past summaries.


Why can’t users add a reference with View Recent Work to a multiple choice question?

There isn’t a text box to add a written response.


What does the People action do? I expected to see a list of people but am only able to perform a search.

The People button allows you to search for users included in the summary, and add additional users. To see a full list of users included in a cycle, we recommend viewing a report. There are preconfigured Performance reports in the Perform reporting package. See Report and Dashboard Overview for the full list of reports and links to install the packages.


Maintain a Cycle

How can I tell which users have been added to the cycle? How can I see the progress of the summaries?

Use reports and dashboards. There are a handful of preconfigured performance summary reports that you can install to help with the process. It is recommended that you use a performance summary dashboard to monitor and manage the process.


I accidentally added a user that should not be included in the cycle. Can I remove them?

You can use tools like Workbench to remove peer, self, and skip level summaries. However, as of Winter ‘15, once a user is added to a cycle, you are no longer able to remove the manager summary portion from the cycle.


I ran a test cycle and want to delete it. How can I?

If the cycle has not yet been started, you can delete it from the UI. Cycles that have already been started can be deleted via tools like Workbench. Please refer to this article for instructions.


I need to reopen a user’s summary because I have to make some changes. How do I do this?

Summaries can be reopened from the UI by going to the performance summary cycle and searching for the subject. Self, peer and skip level summaries can be reopened only if the subject’s manager/performance summary has not been submitted yet. If it has already been submitted, the manager summary needs to be reopened before attempting to reopen the other types of summaries.

If the performance summary has been shared, it will need to be reopened via tools like Workbench, as there is no option in the UI. Please click here for further instructions.


How can I reassign a summary to another manager? Can a manager reassign it or does the system admin need to reassign it?

Only users with the Perform Admin permissions can reassign a performance summary. If the performance cycle has already been started, you can reassign a user's summary by navigating to the deployment tab, select the People action for the summary in question, type in the user's name, and click reassign. You can reassign a summary multiple times if necessary.  



How would you suggest reminding users to complete their reviews?

One best practice is to assign tasks and have your users mark the task completed when they complete the summary. You can also run a report to get a list of summaries that have not been submitted, and send an email reminder to those users.


How can I tell who has been invited as a peer reviewer?

You can look this up in the user’s review, on the Deployment tab, or with a report.

To view by user, click in the user’s summary, click Invite Peers, and you will see who has already been invited, including the status of their review.
Performance summary invite peer reviewers window

From the deployment tab an admin can also see who has been invited by searching for the subject of the performance summary.

A report can also be created by following these steps:  

  1. Customize the Summary Cycle Details - submitted report:

    1. Filtered By:   Edit

    2. Performance Cycle Name equals Test peers view all Clear

    3. AND Summary Type contains Peer Clear

  2. Add the “Summary Writer” column


What notifications get sent out?

Notifications/reminders get sent out when:

  • A performance summary cycle is deployed

  • A user is added to a peer or skip level summary

  • A peer or skip level summary is submitted

  • A peer or skip level summary is shared with the subject

  • A performance summary is shared with the subject (Share All)


Calibrate and Share

Which summaries are included in calibration?

Only multiple choice questions from manager summaries are included. This is not available for peer or self summaries.


Do the reviews get shared with subjects when submitted, or does the admin need to share them?

When a manager submits a performance summary, the summary is not automatically shared with the subject of the performance summary. The Perform Admin needs to go the performance summary cycle and select the “Share All” option.


What’s the best way for Perform Admins to review the summaries before sharing with the users?  

This can be done with either reports or Calibration.


How can an admin tell if a summary has been shared?

Modify an existing report to include the “Date summary was shared with subject” field.


I shared the reviews with the subjects, and since then, more reviews have been submitted. Should I hit Share All again? Will this send a second notification to those who I already shared?

Yes, hit Share All again. Those who have already received a notification will not receive a second one.


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For all other questions, please visit the Success Community.

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