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Troubleshooting Article Visibility Issues

Knowledge Article Number 000206121
Description I have created a knowledge article but it is not searchable by my users. What do I need to check?
Resolution In general, for a knowledge article to be searchable by a given end-user (knowledge administrators will have extra level of access which will for instance allow them to access articles in draft) the following conditions must be met:

(1) User must have access to Knowledge
(2) User must have access to the corresponding article type
(3) User must have visibility into the article's categories
(4) Article must be published
(5) Article must be visible in the appropriate channels

An article will not be searchable if the user cannot open the direct link to the article. If the user navigates to the direct link to the article, and the article is displayed, the above conditions will be met for the given article. Conversely, the article will be returned in SOSL searches performed by this user (through API or via Apex code invoked by the controller of a Visualforce page) if the article is visible to the user.

To obtain the direct link to the article, a system administrator can navigate to the Knowledge tab, perform a search and open the appropriate article. Let's suppose the link is, so the relative URL will be /articles/en_US/Documentation/test-article.

If an end-user navigates to the article's direct link (e.g. in the case of an internal Salesforce user, or in the case of a Guest user) and the article is not displayed then review the above conditions keeping in mind that:

a) For users that can be assigned to a role, the role will determine the category group visibility. See Viewing Category Group Visibility on Roles for more information. 

b) Users who are not assigned visibility can only see uncategorized articles and questions unless default category visibility has been set up. See 
Modify Default Data Category Visibility
 for more information.

c) A user can see an article if he or she can see at least one category per category group on the article. See About Category Group Visibility and Examples of Category Group Visibility Settings for Articles for more information.

d) For community users, you must make sure that the user has the Salesforce Knowledge User License, Read permission on the article type, and visibility on the article’s category. See Who Can See What in Communities for more information.

e) The selected Channel will determine the article visibility. To make an article visible in the Customer Portal ensure the channel "Customer Portal" is selected. For more information on configuring Knowledge in the Customer Portal refer to Enabling Salesforce Knowledge in the Customer Portal.

f) If Public Knowledge (also known as PKB) for Mobile, Web and Facebook is used, additional information on how this feature should be configured can be found in its implementation guide

Note: Search will return results to users even if they do not have field level security access to the field a term is in. The user still needs to be able to access the article otherwise.

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