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Knowledge Article Number 000206186
Description Follow the steps below in order to delete a Thanks received by using Workbench.
Resolution The following steps must be performed by a System Admin or a user with the Modify All system permission.

1. Delete the Feed Chatter Post

2. Get the ID of the Giver and the Recipient of the Badge from their Salesforce user record > (Copy both the ids in a notepad)

3. Login to Workbench as an Admin and select the following values: 
  • Environment: Production 
  • API Version: 37.0 
  • Check the box to agree to the terms of service 
4. Navigate to SOQL Query, select Object as WorkBadge and enter the query below:

SELECT CreatedDate,Description,GiverId,Id,Message,RecipientId FROM WorkBadge WHERE GiverId = '005i0000000TwE7' AND RecipientId = '005i0000001BsYU'
Note: Make sure to replace the GiverId and the Recipient Id with the ids you copied in step 2. 

5. If there are multiple query results, verify the record you want to delete by hovering over the Id field and click on view in Salesforce. Confirm that this is the thanks received you would like to delete.

6. Once you have verified, hover over the Id field and select the Delete Action.

Note: If you don't see a link under the Id field and you are unable to hover over, follow steps 8 to 15.

7.Confirm the delete action. 

Additional steps if you don't see a link under the Id field:

8. Copy the Id of the Thanks you would like to delete

9. Go back to Salesforce and paste the copied Id at the end of the URL (e.g. Verify that this is the thanks you would like to delete.

10. Go back to Workbench and click on Data

11. Select the Delete option from the Data drop down menu

12. Select Single record radio button

13. Paste the Id that you copied in step 8

14. Click Next

15. Click Confirm Update

Once you have completed these steps, the unintended badge received will be deleted from the recipient's profile. 

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