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Data Loader stuck after initializing records

Knowledge Article Number 000206248
Description Data Loader encounters error when initializing records of a CSV with blank Columns or Rows.

The data loader takes a long time to read the CSV file because some cells beyond the designated columns for import might have content. Deleting all columns (although appearing to be blank) after the last column intended for import will result in the file being read without any issue. This applies to rows as well.

Resolution 1. Close the Wizard and open the CSV file.
2. Highlight the column next to the last field / column in the CSV.
3. Hold SHIFT button down and select next few columns (i.e Column Y - AC, {five columns in this example})
4. Delete those columns
5. Similarly, delete few rows below the last record (i.e. Rows 12541 - 12550, {ten rows in this example})
5. Save the CSV.
6. Run the Data Loader wizard again and it would go through without any issue.

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