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Why do links to Salesforce always open in Salesforce1?

Knowledge Article Number 000206264
Description When tapping a Salesforce link on your mobile device (ie. from email), the link will open in the mobile browser (Safari). This is expected behavior.  

If you switch to the Full Site, and access an item that you could normally access in Salesforce1 (Report, Dashboard, Standard object record, etc...) it will open the Salesforce1 UI and begin using the Mobile Browser version of Salesforce1, if you have the Salesforce1 user setting selected on your user record. This is expected behavior.

If you need to open the link in your browser and not Salesforce1, you will need to log into Salesforce through mobile browser before following the link or uninstall Salesforce1 from the device.  Alternately, you can access Salesforce from a computer and turn off the Salesforce1 UI inside Browsers.   

For more information, see: 
Support for Lightning Experience or Classic UI on mobile browsers  
How do I access Salesforce1 via the mobile browser?
Resolution Notes for iOS users:
Safari will look to see if the link you are accessing is capable of being handled by another app. If you do have Salesforce1 installed you will see a prompt message. This behavior can only be removed by turning off Safari Suggestions as this is not controlled by Salesforce. To toggle the Safari Suggestions, go to: 
Settings | Safari | Safari Suggestions

Notes for Android users:
The Android OS allows you to choose a default program to open the link. The first time you follow the link it will prompt and ask what program you want to open the link with. You can choose the browser and then choose to "Always" open with this app, or to "Just Once" open with this app. If you choose "Always", your device will remember this setting. If you need to clear these defaults they will need to be done through the App Settings on your device. Please contact your device provider or manufacture for further details if needed.


Note for Blackberry users:
There were recent Spring ‘16 server side changes to Salesforce1 deeplinking behavior related to Salesforce1 iOS 9.1+ updates which were critical in order to allow deeplinking to continue to work until a longer term solution is put in place with Salesforce1 iOS v10 (Summer ‘16). However, this change seems to have impacted initial deeplinking on supported BB devices IF a user is not logged into the Salesforce1 mobile browser at the time of clicking on the link. As stated above, it is always best practices to be logged in first. We are still seeing expected deeplinking behavior when users are logged in on the supported Blackberry device browsers. Salesforce support has raised this issue to R&D for review.

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