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Contributing or editing Content does not finish uploading or displays "An error has occurred" message

Knowledge Article Number 000206269
Description When trying to contribute content to a library or edit existing content, users may experience a generic "An error has occurred" message preventing them from successfully completing the operation.

An error has occurred
This error can occur if the content page layout assignments for content record types are unexpectedly removed for profiles. This is known to occur in sandboxes due to point-in-time copy issues or setup changes in production during the sandbox refresh. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

Note: Prior to Spring '15 it was not possible to navigate to the setup section below via an available click path and was only accessible by pasting its direct address into the browser's URL as outlined in step 1. With the introduction of the New Salesforce Files Setup Node for Files and Content administrators can now access the Content page layout and record type assignments via Setup, Salesforce Files | Record Types | Page Layout Assignment to ensure that each page layout is assigned an appropriate content record type.

1. After logging into the affected org, paste the following after the .com in your browser's URL bar:


So if your org resides on NA1 for example, the URL would look like this:

2. Click the Edit Assignment button in the resulting Page Layout Assignment setup section.

3. You will need to ensure that every record type is properly assigned a page layout. You can click on each column's heading to select all of its rows.

4. Select or highlight the Master column and select General (if available) in the Page Layout To Use: picklist. If your org uses custom content record types it is recommended to select the record type (rows heading) for each column and assign the matching page layout from the picklist. Once they are all assigned click Save.

If General (the default content page layout) is not available for assignment to the Master column, it may have been renamed. To identify the default content page layout to select or assign to the Master column navigate to Setup, Customize | Salesforce Files | Page Layouts and locate/assign the page layout with the earliest created date.

Content type page layout assignment

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