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Getting "Data Not Available" error while accessing Forecast tab

Knowledge Article Number 000206270
Description This behavior is rare and seen on organizations under Territory Management 1.0 and not on 2.0. depends heavily on an organization's data and existing activity and traffic during the re-parent.

When the system administrator performs re-parenting of territories, users are getting errors that say "Data Not Available" when they try to access the Forecast tab.

Additionally, when the administrators are checking the detail page records of these users, they get the same error.
This error lasts until the territory is successfully re-parented which could take a few minutes, or hours - depending on the hierarchy of the territory and users under it.
Resolution Territory Management and Forecasting are interrelated features. Hence the behavior seen is caused by re-alignment during territory re-parenting.

When territories are re-calculated, the system requires a brief lock during this process and the same lock is what's being used by Quotas when they are loaded. The forecast tab and the User detail pages requires the ability to access Quotas as well, and because of the lock being taken by the territory recalculation during re-parenting, quotas that are supposed to be loaded are queued until the process completes so it can acquire its own lock. 

It is greatly suggested to perform these kinds of operations during off-peak hours when user-traffic is controllable to avoid any inconvenience when accessing Forecast & User detail pages. Else, you may want to consider migrating to Territory Management 2.0 as it is capable of processing recalculations without affecting visibility or generating locks.

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