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Associate Facebook Pages to an Ad Account with Projects

Knowledge Article Number 000206284

In Business Manager, Page and Ad Accounts are tied to an individual’s profile. Therefore, when you authorize or sync an Ad Account in Advertising Studio Campaigns, all of the Pages you're an Admin of will appear against the Ad Account, not just the ones relevant to it. This can be challenging when building a Campaign because a long list of pages will appear rather than only the pages relevant to the Ad Account being displayed.

To help organize your Ad Accounts and Pages, Facebook has introduced a way to tie an Ad Account to its relevant Pages with a feature called Projects. Once a Project has been set up in Business Manager only Pages relevant to an Ad Account will appear when building a Campaign.

Associate Ad Account to Facebook

1. In Facebook Business Manager, create a project with the relevant pages and associate it to the Ad Account you're using.
Note: You must be an Admin in Business Manager to complete this.
2. In Advertising Studio Campaigns, go to Administration | Facebook Accounts.
3. Click on the relevant Ad Account.
4. Click Synchronize | Synchronize.

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