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How to find which reports are being used in dashboards

Knowledge Article Number 000206291
Description A report being used in dashboard component cannot be deleted until the dashboard has been deleted or the dashboard component removed. User will receive the error: "One or more dashboards depend on this report. Please delete the dashboard components referring to this report and try again."
Resolution To create a report on which reports are being used in dashboard components, follow the steps below:

1. Create a Custom Report Type by navigating to Setup | Build | Create | Report Types (Enhanced User Interface)
OR Your Name | Setup | App Setup | Create | Report Types (Original User Interface)

2. Click New Custom Report Type and select a Primary Object of Reports. Fill in other information and click Next.

3. Select a Secondary Object of Dashboard Components and select the radio button for "
Each "A" record must have at least one related "B" record."

4. Click Save.

5. Navigate to the Reports tab and create a new report using your new Reports with Dashboard Components report type.

To filter results to show only a particular report, add a filter and select one of the following fields: Report ID, Report Name, or Report Unique Name.

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