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Inserting Chatter Free Users with the Data Loader

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Description By default 5,000 Chatter Free licenses are provided for every organization and they are designed for users who don’t have Salesforce licenses but need access to Chatter.

Chatter Free users can collaborate with other employees in your organization, share documents, join groups, and follow coworkers. Chatter Free users will not be able to see any data updates on opportunities, cases, accounts, and so on.  See Chatter User Licenses for an overview of all available Chatter licenses to suit different requirements.

To get started using Chatter Free licenses and for general guidelines and best practices on rolling it out for your organization see the Get everyone on Chatter resource page.

Resolution There are several ways in which you can add users to Chatter.  If you're working with a large number of potential users the easiest approach may be to add all of your employees at once via the Data Loader.

The User object in Salesforce contains a large number of required fields to set different user preferences.  Attached to this article is a file with appropriate columns, example data, and explanations of each field's values to properly prepare a Chatter Free User import file.

Each column header is labeled to match and automatically map to each User field in Salesforce.  Rows 2 and 3 of the file contain example user data for illustration purposes and row 4 contains notes which can be expanded to show relevant details for each column.  Be sure to review each column carefully to ensure that the file is prepared properly.  For example, including column J in the import file may not be necessary and is only appropriate for organizations that use multiple currencies.

Example of attached .csv

Note: Inserting users via the Data Loader will not trigger the standard "welcome" email to new users. As a workaround, an administrator will have to reset passwords for the new users. To do so Create a List View containing all of the newly added Chatter Free users with the filter criteria "User Type equals CSN Only" and then reset users passwords as outlined in the Reset Passwords for Your Users documentation.

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