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Case Owner or Lead Owner not available as Dashboard Filter Fields

Knowledge Article Number 000206313
Description When creating a dashboard with components using source reports based on Cases or Leads combined with components using source reports based on other objects, Case Owner and Lead Owner fields do not display as options to filter on. Additionally, filtering on other Owner fields does not display Case Owner or Lead Owner as equivalent fields.

Read more about equivalent fields here.
Resolution Dashboard filter field options include fields that are common to all source reports being used in the dashboard or that have equivalent fields in each source report.

Equivalent fields share the same underlying object as the field selected for the filter. Most Owner fields (for example, Account Owner or Contact Owner) look up to the User object, exceptions are for example: Case, Lead, Order Owner, which look up to Users and Queues. The same is true for the Owner field on any custom Object

Since these fields are not looking up, one Object, but either Users or Queues, they are not available for Dashboard filters

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